3 Landscaping Secrets You Probably Do Not Know

Doing landscaping is not for everyone. Whether in finding the right plants, choosing and installing hardscape features, or arranging all of these elements, it is something that needs to be done with skills and expertise. While we recommend that you hire Visalia landscaping to make things easier, you can also take these secrets that landscaper pros know and apply them when you opt to do landscaping on your own.  

Thinking like a professional landscaper will save you time, money, and effort. Additionally, this will also make your landscape professionally built, taking into consideration all the little elements and making it as sophisticated as you would like it to be.  

Without further ado, here are the three insider’s secrets that will transform your landscaping project into a successful one.  

1. Be decisive when it comes to choosing the right hardscape structures and elements  

Always remember that while expensive hardscape features can be nice and aesthetic to look at, they are not necessary to make a beautiful landscape. You need to prioritize those structures that are important and critical to your landscape. For example, if you are planning to have an elite patio, then opting for a simpler version with complete features would be much better than opting for purchasing more expensive materials with incomplete structure. Aesthetics aside, take note that not all expensive materials are durable. It is more about finding a good shop that delivers quality materials.  

2. Save your time by doing effective hacks – as what people say, your time is the most valuable asset you have. And saving time is like saving more money and effort. Some of these hacks include mowing your lawn through a mulching mower and laying down a mowing strip. A mowing strip consists of a row of paver which separates the grass from a structure of the area. When you put a mowing strip, you can mow on any of the sides on the top of the strip. As a result, you will have a cleaner cut. Moreover, you can save more time by opting for a mulching mower. It will give finer shredded clippings of the grass and at the same time avoid removing the bad, emptying it, and putting it back again for another mowing activity. These two hacks alone save you a lot of time, which makes you more efficient in doing landscaping.  

3. Balance variety and monotony – while most people think that variety is more preferable to monotony, the pros would beg to disagree. Complete variety without monotony would result in a chaotic design, where all elements tend to not have a pattern or a motif to follow. This is the very reason why you need to strike a balance to mix variety with monotony and take into consideration the overall design of your landscape. There are many concrete steps you can do including varying the eye level of the viewers by selecting plants with different heights. Of course, you need to vary colors but follow a certain pallet of colors.  


If you do not agree with all of the pros’ landscaping secrets, you can also try manipulating all their tricks and coming up with your own hacks.  

Effective Ways to Update Your Smart Home

Just a couple of years ago, smart homes just existed in fictional movies and stories. Now, there will be more than 400 million homeowners that will possess a smart home by the year 2025. There are no questions against this as smart homes deliver a lot of benefits that make life much more convenient and efficient. Home security systems Seattle, for example, have made some homes safer than ever before. The thing is, if you have installed smart home years ago, it is probably the perfect time to upgrade your home technologies.  

There are many ways you can update your smart home including the following: 

Upgrade your Locks and Boost Your Security 

Smart home technology is not for everyone as it can be expensive as well as the gadgets inside the smart home. Given this, thieves may rush into your house. The more you accumulate devices and update your technology, the more you need to upgrade and strengthen your lock and boost your security. Smart locks allow you to lock and unlock doors using your phone no matter where you are. In this way, you will never worry even if you forgot to lock the doors because you can do so by just pushing a button on your phone. Aside from this, try putting on some security systems and doorbell cameras to enable you to see and access every part of your house.  

Automatic Gardening  

While smart home focuses mainly on the insides, you can always extend the technology to the outside of your home. You can do this by installing smart lawn sprinklers or some self-watering pots that take care of the plants and give water whenever the plants need it. Other options include automatic lawnmowers and self-feeding plants.  

Install Some smart Lights 

Smart lights are the most popular smart gadget you can have in your smart home, and they are very cheap and easy to install. All you need to do is to switch your lights to these variations. These lights are more energy-efficient as they turn on at a specific time or when they are needed so. You can also turn them on and off using your phone even when you are away from your house.  

Use a Smart Thermostat 

A connected thermostat is very energy-efficient as well as convenient. Using a connected thermostat enables you to save more energy as it automatically adjusts according to the indoor temperature.  

Get a Smart Assistant 

Having a smart assistant makes accomplishing tasks easier and more efficient. So, if you do not have any like Alexa or Google Assistant, you should have one. Between the two, Alexa is compatible with more than 100,000 gadgets and smart devices at home, so it is more ideal if you choose Alexa. Before making a decision, ensure that your assistant is compatible with the gadgets you have at home.  

Other things you can do to update your smart home are to expand your WIFI, add some sockets in order to make it tidy and clean, and automate your garage door for more convenience. If you are successful in adding all of these technologies and gadgets to your home, it could potentially boost power-saving features and comfort.  

Fun Outdoor Design Ideas for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Now the winter is setting in, you definitely need to start prepping your home for the Christmas holidays! And fortunately, there are many things you can do to improve your home and give it some Christmas spirit. You can do painting San Francisco  to make sure your home looks new and vibrant, and some decorations indoor and outdoor. Here, we will share some fun outdoor design ideas you can do to prep for the Holidays! 

Have some outdoor greens 

Decorating the railings, front door, and windows with garland and other greenery is a classic holiday staple you should not miss. There are pre-lit plastic garlands that you can purchase from the store, or you can opt to put on some bows for a simpler look. Wrap your railings with some evergreen pine garland for that classic look.  

Make sure there are lights 

The holidays will never be complete without the festive lights you can see in any house you see in the neighborhood. Lights will always be ubiquitous and therefore, you should not forget about them. There are many options to choose from: you can have some incandescent lights, twinkle lights, or some lighted snowflakes lights — there are many options to choose from! Put them wherever they would be visible and do not forget the spaces that need illumination like trees, shrubs, walkways, windows, etc. Do not forget to set the lights on the timer to save some energy.  

Do not forget the wreath 

Besides the lights and greens, a wreath is also the most classical decor you can put on your outside space. You can choose to make your own or have some pinecones and balsam fir. Hang them on your front door, garage door, and even your gate. Do not forget to put on some Christmas or fairy lights!  

Have some Christmas planters  

when you like plants, then planters would be a great structure to decorate. Whether you have large or small pots, you can decorate your winterberry and pinecones with some ornaments and lights.  

Choose a welcoming doormat 

A very simple thing you can add to welcome your guests is to put a welcome doormat and make sure it is festive. Choose one that has cute greetings or holiday phrases.  

Put some lanterns on your porch 

Lanterns in your porch make the space warm looking besides illuminating the whole space. There are many flameless lanterns you can choose from in different shops but if you want a more personalized lantern, then you can try making your own. Use your everyday items like old jars and bottles and put on some lights inside with some decors. Just make sure you choose glass and other safe materials to avoid fire accidents.  

Add some statues  

Statues may be expensive and they are also optional. However, adding them beside your door or your porch would be a game-changer. Life-size nutcrackers or Mouse King can be very attractive to look at. You can even add Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer that can really get the attention of the youngsters.  

Other things you can do: 

Set up a wagon or a sled 

Decorate your chairs in your deck and other outside spaces 

Light the trees and shrubs 

Decorate your mailbox