Selling a house without a realtor may sound a little it intimidating at first especially when you do not know how to process things and attract potential buyers, and this is why even without a Realtor, you still probably need some help from other professionals.  

We understand that it is a choice that homeowners make especially when they think that rather than giving some of the sale’s percentage to the realtor as the commission, they would rather do all the tasks on their own and save some money. There are still effective ways on how to do it and this is why we are here. We will help you in selling your home even without the help of the pros.  

Consider the following.  

Ready your home 

You cannot sell something that will not be attractive to the customers and prospective buyers. In order to ensure that your house will attract some prospective buyers, make sure that you prep your home, and this can be done in many steps. First, declutter your home. Decluttering the home means getting rid of the garbage and old items in the house as this discourages some of the buyers. To give you more income, you can try selling some items on eBay, Amazon, and other digital shops. You can also do the following: 

  • Rearrange your furniture  
  • Replace some outdated appliances and repair damages 
  • Repainting interior and exterior walls to make your home appear new 

Do some research and be updated with the market 

Researching how the market is currently running is an important thing you need to consider if you want to engage customers. Without ample knowledge of how the market is running, you would not be able to set a practical and reasonable price, discouraging buyers. To make it worse, you may even sell your home at a very low price, rendering you on the disadvantaged side. Review some houses that are within your house’s range and study their prices; you can benchmark on these houses to set a reasonable price that is also engaging for the buyers.  

List your home 

After doing some important research, it is not time for you to list your home. However, before listing, consider and prep the following:  

  • Information about your home – this involves the date and measurement of your home including the overall square feet size, bedroom count, parking arrangements, and other important details that buyers should know about the house.  
  • Description – remember that in providing a description, you need to be as honest as possible. It is not poetry that you are making so be direct in making a home description. Make it as concise as possible but without missing important details about the house.  
  • Images – when selling a house, you need to invest in good-quality images. This is why if you are not a photographer yourself, we advise that you hire a professional photographer to ensure you have the best quality photos of your listing. Images are an important element to catch the buyer’s attention.