Online ESL Help Resource Center

Learning English as a second language can sometimes be a little confusing. Most of the rules of spelling, pronunciation and grammar tend to be quite regular, but there are always a few that differ. With some practice, you can soon get the hang of it though! Explore the resources below for help in some common problem areas of English as a new language.

ESL Organizations and Associations

  • TESOL – TESOL is a worldwide organization of around 52,000 teachers and a number of ESL publications and resources.
  • IATEFL – IATEFL, an international organization, is the host of an annual conference on ESL and related subjects, as well as the publisher of a bi-monthly magazine.
  • ACTFL – Based in the U.S., ACTFL aims to improve education standards of English and other foreign languages.
  • NAFSA – Operating globally, NAFSA is a non-profit organization that focuses on education on an international level.
  • NCTE – The NCTE operates throughout the U.S. and works towards raising the standards of English education and literacy.

Resources for Help with Pronunciation

  • Lessons on English Pronunciation – Learn about common English pronunciation rules step by step with this series of well-designed online lessons.
  • A Guide to Teaching Pronunciation – ESL teachers can benefit from a quick refresher on the main points of teaching English pronunciation, with some helpful links at the end.
  • American English Speech – A beautifully illustrated interactive Flash presentation allows ESL students to navigate and learn pronunciation rules at their own pace.
  • English Pronunciation Errors – Choose your native tongue and learn about common errors that native speakers of that language make when speaking English.
  • Phonetic Pronunciations – Listen to audio files while following along with the corresponding written phonetic pronunciations of each word.
  • Diphtongs and Triphtongs Lessons – Learn to differentiate between different lengths of vowels.
  • Pronunciation of Names and Places – Pick from a number of commonly used names in entertainment, pop culture, sports, politics and more to hear the correct pronunciation.
  • Video Pronunciation Lessons – Each unit in this online series offers a new video explanation of important English pronunciation lessons.
  • Commonly Confused Sounds – Learn how to pronounce different words that tend to sound very similar to foreigners.

Resources for Help with Grammar

  • ESL Grammar Quizzes – Review the grammar notes on this page and then try out the accompanying quizzes.
  • English Grammar Handouts – ESL teachers and print and distribute worksheets by browsing through this comprehensive list of English grammar sections.
  • English Grammar Lessons – Pick an area of grammar to study and follow along with the lessons in each section.
  • Grammar Exercises for ESL Students – Fill in the answers to these grammar exercises online and immediately generate your test score and the right answers.
  • English Grammar Study Units – There are plenty of resources here for both ESL students, such as how to diagram sentences, as well as teaching units for educators.
  • Grammar Resources for Students – Choose your skill level and find appropriate grammar sites and activities based on that criteria.
  • Hyper Grammar – Study English grammar in a non-linear fashion by exploring the hyperlinks scattered throughout the definitions and explanations.
  • Grammar Activities – Have some fun with English grammar with these online activities and quizzes.
  • ESL Grammar Links – Find plenty of help with grammar among these in-depth grammar lessons and exercises.

Resources for Help with Vocabulary

  • ESL Vocabulary Games – Play some fun online games and brush up on English vocabulary in the process!
  • ESL Vocabulary Practice – Try out these online vocabulary exercises and get immediate test scores to see how well you did.
  • Test Your Vocabulary – How well can you score in this online vocabulary game? Don’t forget to request a hint if you need it.
  • Vocabulary for ESL Students – A host of lesson plans, vocabulary word lists, puzzles and preparation guides for tests will help ESL students to gain a better understanding of English vocabulary.
  • Vocabulary for Beginners – Learn basic vocabulary words through a series of illustrated lessons and exercises.
  • English Slang – Understand colloquially spoken English better by reviewing this guide on common English slang.
  • English Idioms – This illustrated guide to English jargon and idioms helps ESL students to understand informal English easily.
  • Connect with English – Improve your vocabulary with this video series about a young singer traveling across the U.S.
  • Practical Vocabulary – Learn English vocabulary with these study units based on real-life situations such as dating, movies and travel.

Additional ESL Resources

  • ESL America – Choose from lessons on grammar, reading, vocabulary and more, and enjoy audio samples with each section.
  • ESL Resource Center – Plenty of ESL resources have been provided for free by qualified ESL educators, for both adults and children.
  • ESL at Work and School – Learn about culture and common practices in English-speaking countries.
  • ESL Podcasts – Tune in regularly for new podcasts featuring different social situations that students may encounter.
  • American Dialects – Don’t let regional accents confuse you with this online audio bank of local American dialects.
  • ESL Audio Lab – Practice listening and speaking along with these audio samples and then work through the handouts provided online.
  • Practice Speaking English – Enjoy fiction and poetry online with this award-winning audio language lab.
  • English Study Zone – Choose the level that you are most comfortable at and proceed to practice with several grammar, listening and writing lessons.
  • American Pronunciation – Learn about proper American English pronunciation with these free online listening exercises.